Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pressing Issues: Sarah Silverman Against Voter ID 'Bullshit'

Pressing Issues: Sarah Silverman Against Voter ID 'Bullshit'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Human Rights Petition: The U.S. House of Representatives: Pass constitutional amendment penalizing states that practice suppression. |

Human Rights Petition: The U.S. House of Representatives: Pass constitutional amendment penalizing states that practice suppression. |

This petition makes the one way to end voter suppression, whether by racial profiling, poll taxing, or any other means.  When a state is caught doing it, it loses all of their electors, and does not get to elect the next President, obviating the need to manipulate the election.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

For those needing a break from the political

Video- Cory Booker walks back criticism of Obama campaign tactics

Video- Cory Booker walks back criticism of Obama campaign tactics

Cory Booker is the most thoughtful voice I have heard so far on this election.

watch the video and see

By SOSadmin, Chicago police using unlawful detention without charges to intimidate activists streaming the video of the protests

CPD head on activists held without charge: "We are not talking about it."

View video of the press conference here.
Scroll down a bit for relevant portions of the transcript.
In case you missed the news about Chicago Police arresting nine anti-NATO affiliated activists in a residential apartment before the summit began, check out Kevin Gosztola's blog at Firedog Lake. Here's a breakdown. 
Five activists raided and arrested in an apartment in Bridgeport on the south side of Chicago continue to be held without charge. They were arrested during the night around 1 am on May 17, along with four other activists who have since been released. Those four were also held without charge.
The National Lawyers Guild reports the activists were “taken to the Organized Crime Division of Chicago police department for 18 hours and then they were transported to Harrison/Kedzie (District 4).” After transportation the police released the four activists.
Below is an edited transcript of the relevant portion of the press conference on May 18, 2012. When a journalist asks about the pre-crime arrests, Superintendent Gary McCarthy says:
"I don't know anything about it. I'm gonna have to follow up on it. What was the arrest for? What are you being told?"
A reporter pushes him, saying he spoke with one of the people arrested that night.
McCarthy: "Oh you're talking about the case from the other night…I thought you were talking about something that happened today."
Reporter: "He said he was held incommunicado for about 17 hours and…"
McCarthy interrupts: "Yeah, Mike, we're not going to talk about that. We just are not going to talk about it. It's an ongoing investigation that is not completed. We are not going to talk about it."
"Listen, I said very specifically and I'm saying again, protest related activity, we've got twelve arrests so far. That's the issue. Ok, we're still making arrests in the city of Chicago. We still made gun arrests out in the neighborhoods -- we've made robbery arrests at the same time. So we gotta delineate ok?"
Reporter: "I understand you don't want to talk about the five that are still being held, but... (inaudible)"
McCarthy: "No, Mike, Mike, I'm not talking about it..."
Reporter: "But this man was released..."
McCarthy: "We are not talking about that. We are not completed with an investigation [sic]."
Reporter: "Nine people were arrested under suspicion of making molotov cocktails..."
McCarthy: "Mike, Dave, we are not talking about it. We are not talking about it. We are not talking about it....We will facilitate people's rights to the first amendment speech. We are not going to allow criminal conduct. It's that simple....We'll keep you posted. Again, we're not discussing that thing. It's still under investigation. We will at some point. It's not happening now."
None of the nine arrested on May 17 have been charged, though the police appear to be leaking rumors about molotov cocktails to the press. Are they talking about the beer making kit they seized?
"We will facilitate people's rights to the first amendment speech," McCarthy said.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I don't know

Why is it people think that the argument they got trained to barf back reflexively is somehow new, original or winning?  Or worse yet, they see ALL CAPS AS THE FAST TRACK TO WINNING the argument.  I could go into full blown troll mode and entertain myself for weeks shredding their world view piece by piece.  You got Christians who can't tell where Constitution ends and scripture begins. You got wing-nuts on both sides howling some epithet that means nothing at all, because those epithets have been overused and lost their flavor like 5 day old chewing gum.

The folks demanding the congress burn the US economy down, if I was the President, the obstruction would have ended in 15 minutes.  Each congressman would have been brought in, one at a time into the Oval office, and then the ones planning to burn the US economy --- treason, one way ticket to Gitmo, water-boarded until all patrons disclosed, and made to confess working for Al Qaeda on video, then summary execution, family billed for the bullet and the costs of the incarceration and body disposal.

Yes, I would be a dictator, and Congress would get crushed under my iron boot.  I also would bring the troops home from overseas everywhere, and have them stop all traffic into the US that is not fully permitted, documented, and controlled properly.

We try to foist the cost of a world empire level of military onto the poor of our nation, so the hyper-wealthy can continue to play RISK with American lives as their playing pieces?  AYFKM?

We should take the Forbes 400 list and cross match them with the list of those who got the biggest handouts from the government and filter it with those who actually do philanthropy for actual unfortunates in the USA. (I really don't give a damn about philanthropy overseas, I live in the USA).

Those who are on the Forbes 400, and received money in any form from the government, and failed to do actual substantial philanthropy in the USA, they should summarily executed by Guillotine, except for the Koch Brothers.  Those two should be drawn and quartered after a painful disembowelment.  That is the only proper way to deal with treason against the USA.  Death, painfully dispensed, in full view of everyone else so they get the hint that they better not repeat their folly or they will repeat their result : painful death.

There are people on the Forbes 400 who don't take money from the government or who perform wonderful philanthropy.  They should be rewarded and held up as examples of "this is what you should do".  There are only a few very evil people who use the material blessings they have to very evil ends.  Those people should be treated as the anomalies they are, and extracted from existence.

Until justice is properly in control, liberty will forever be in danger to evil people.  These evil people would gladly slaughter the US citizens for a few shekels. Nothing stops them except the cold embrace of death, because they have no conscience, no soul, and heart.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gays, Marriage, and the Final Judgement

Let me start this off with this : I am happily married in a HETEROSEXUAL  union, and enjoy the rights that come with it.  Now if two men were to get married to each other, and invite me to attend, I would attend and wish the couple the best.  If two women were to get married to each other, and invite me to attend, I would do the same --- attend and wish them the best.  I treat them the same as a Man-woman union.

The states most opposed to marriage equality permit incest marriages, which I believe should be totally illegal.  It comes down to a very skewed attitude about marriage where the man is "owner" and woman is "owned".  That model of marriage should have been killed off during the Age of Reason in the 1700's.  A lot of other barbaric practices should also be gone also, but human cruelty is imprinted in the DNA of some people.

The biggest opposition to marriage equality comes from the "true believer" set of the Christian right, who view homosexuality as the worst possible sin.  The scriptures disagrees with their assessment.  The worst possible sin  is viewing the presence of the spirit of God, and ascribing that presence as the presence of Satan, knowing otherwise.  That particular sin can ONLY be committed by the religious, and spiritually aware. 

Many leaders of the politicized Church are closer to committing this sin than their followers would be aware of. The Sadducee who crave material comforts and the Pharisee who crave power over other people committed this sin in the presence of Jesus by ascribing his miracles to the power of sorcery.  They knew otherwise.  They did it anyway, and they gladly make converts twice the child of hell that they are.

God will sooner permit homosexual married couples entrance into heaven, with them as couple, before the political whores in the pulpit who preach the gospel of material dominion.  Every judgement imposed by the LORD was triggered not by sexual misdeeds, but by the glorification of violence, and abuse of the powerless.

Jesus violently threw the usurers out of the Temple.  Next time he has a more permanent solution for the wealthy who mock and abuse the poor, glorify violence, and strain at the gnat (sexual sin) and swallow the camel (lust for material wealth and power).  It's called the Final Judgement, and their place will be in the lake of fire.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

For those who are celebrating this wonderful day, Happy Easter.  Do you need a reason to celebrate?  Whether you are Christian or you are pagan or you are atheist, the resurrection story is still a tale of hope and redemption.

Consider the conditions : his followers were hiding.  His 2 best friends betrayed him, one by leading the soldiers to his location to capture him, the other by denying association 3 times.  The Romans bent their own rules to permit his execution.  The religious leaders chose a man who was nominally the opposite of all their values in order to make certain they destroyed their rival.

And the main hero was tortured and killed.

These conditions are pretty much as hopeless as they get.

With him rising from the dead, leaving the stigmata in place as scars, the ultimate game change happened there.

No matter what, there is always hope.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does this election even matter?

The election in November is getting hyped and sold more than most products on the market.  To be honest, Obama is not as progressive/liberal/socialist as the right wing pundits portray him.  He is rather conservative actually.  His political compass is similar to George Herbert Walker Bush.  He is  right of center on a lot of issues, especially social issues, especially those concerning the LGBT community.

Mitt Romney actually did in Massachusetts almost every single thing Obama proposed on the federal level.  He flip flops so often, Heisenberg would have to do a special study on him.  Does anyone believe he would actually do anything different than the president who succeeded in taking out Osama Bin Ladin when it comes to foreign policy?

The other alternatives get worse.  Rick Santorum has the same doctrine for political compass as the Holy See, or maybe the College of Cardinals.  Rick Santorum is evidence that it was a mistake to restore diplomatic relations with the Vatican.  If he actually had more than a Seahawks winning the Super Bowl chance of actually gaining the Oval Office, he would turn the US over to Canon law (just like Sharia law, but out of the Vatican rather than from the Imams out of the Middle East).  That would include forcing Jewish people to wear yellow stars and women who owned property would be burned at the stake.  His mentality is stuck pre-1215 when that minor inconvenience known as the Magna Carta got signed ending Santorum's utopia.

Newt Gingrich, unless your memory fails to go back before 1994, is an obvious lolno.  He couldn't win a good deal with Clinton during his time as Speaker of the House.  What makes you think he would be able to not get the US fucked over by Russia and China?  Might have brains, but his inability to use discretion --- just no.

Ron Paul, a better choice maybe.  We won't see him in the White House.

Basically Romney or Obama?  Time to emigrate to the UK.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

For some reason I just don't want to do anything today

I just can't get up to play any of my MMOs, or get into a interesting political argument.

The political landscape is a total wasteland.  The most interesting thing people won't hear jack about is Pat Robertson advocating legalizing marijuana.  Most of the other political "news" is rehashed medieval tripe from retreads of the OCA/Christian Coalition or the latest way the financial institutions screw you over.  If we to write down a list of all the ways banks go out of their way to to screw over the working class, it would be longer than the Kama Sutra.

The Portland Trail Blazers actually won a game on the road.  In some ways, that may or may not be a good thing.  Lottery to rebuild for next year without a lockout and minus a few cement heads might be a good reason for the Blazers to tank the rest of the year.

I might spend the weekend getting bored, and trying to sleep.  Daylight savings time... 1 hour less to sleep.  Oh joy.  And winter has not gone away yet.  Going to work in the dark is still not my idea of a fun time.  People drive stupid on the roads in Portland.  Come on, 15 mph in a 35 mph road designed for 50 mph?

No wonder people spend the weekend getting drunk.  There is not much to hope for in sober land.  Some days I wonder what drugs the political class are taking because there is no way in hell they can say half the stuff they say without being drunk, stoned, high, spun, baked, (insert other adjective meaning opposite of sober).

George Carlin had it pretty spot on describing how the political system really works.  If you are part of the aristocratic class, opportunity is limitless.  If you are part of the working class, opportunity is something other people have, and NOT YOU.

Basically the more money you have, the more voice, opportunities for self advancement, recourse for things going wrong you have.  We do not have a democracy (democracy is is overrated by the way).  We have a republic, swiftly devolving into a fascist society.

Third world nation.

A few potentates controlling all the resources, and everyone else fighting over the table scraps the overlords deign to allow to drop.  That is the United States of America, 21st Century.  The so called conservatives (who are not conservative at all) are all about increasing American military presence in every corner of the world, while every street corner now has militarized police officers with all the social skills of SS concentration camp guards.  We have become what we fought against in the 1940s.  The USA is the 4th Reich.  Getting drunk is probably the best option for dealing with it.  Americans are just too sheep like to be able to do a real revolution like the French did in 1789.  The Tea party has become the 4th Reich version of the Brown shirts.  The Occupy movement has become part of the traffic report.

Peaceful change would be nice, but change won't happen (corporations hate change).  Peace won't happen either because militarized police forces want to use all that nifty hardware to crack skulls, break bones and generally compensate for their completely bullshit existence.

Yeah I'm very cynical about the USA.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has a lot of importance to me.  It's number is the same as my age.  One of my favorite teams is playing (NY Giants) against one of my favorite teams to razz (NE Patriots).  I have a bet on the coin toss ( I took heads).  It used to be close to the day of the wedding anniversary of my now ex-wife.

After this game, I hope when people talk about that great QB Manning, they would be talking about Eli, and his second Super Bowl ring won vs Tom Brady.

I don't dislike Tom Brady.  The man has the PERFECT life.  A hot wife who is also a perfect sugar momma (she made Forbes), an excellent career he flat out EARNED, and overall he is a pretty good guy.  Real men want to be Tom Brady.

I just dislike anything from Boston (except maybe the Celtics, and only because they beat on the NBA team I like to see go 0-82 --- The Lakers)

I was born in New York, and New York has my fave teams.  The Yankees, the Jets, the Giants, The Islanders, (I'd even cheer for the Knicks, but I'm a Portland Trailblazer fan).

So I'll be kicking back, having some Budweiser, and watching the best game that can be.


Monday, January 2, 2012

I really need a new avatar

I really need a new avatar for my postings.  i change them out every so often because they get... boring?

Anyone able to find a cool picture that I can use, please show me.