Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has a lot of importance to me.  It's number is the same as my age.  One of my favorite teams is playing (NY Giants) against one of my favorite teams to razz (NE Patriots).  I have a bet on the coin toss ( I took heads).  It used to be close to the day of the wedding anniversary of my now ex-wife.

After this game, I hope when people talk about that great QB Manning, they would be talking about Eli, and his second Super Bowl ring won vs Tom Brady.

I don't dislike Tom Brady.  The man has the PERFECT life.  A hot wife who is also a perfect sugar momma (she made Forbes), an excellent career he flat out EARNED, and overall he is a pretty good guy.  Real men want to be Tom Brady.

I just dislike anything from Boston (except maybe the Celtics, and only because they beat on the NBA team I like to see go 0-82 --- The Lakers)

I was born in New York, and New York has my fave teams.  The Yankees, the Jets, the Giants, The Islanders, (I'd even cheer for the Knicks, but I'm a Portland Trailblazer fan).

So I'll be kicking back, having some Budweiser, and watching the best game that can be.