Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

For those who are celebrating this wonderful day, Happy Easter.  Do you need a reason to celebrate?  Whether you are Christian or you are pagan or you are atheist, the resurrection story is still a tale of hope and redemption.

Consider the conditions : his followers were hiding.  His 2 best friends betrayed him, one by leading the soldiers to his location to capture him, the other by denying association 3 times.  The Romans bent their own rules to permit his execution.  The religious leaders chose a man who was nominally the opposite of all their values in order to make certain they destroyed their rival.

And the main hero was tortured and killed.

These conditions are pretty much as hopeless as they get.

With him rising from the dead, leaving the stigmata in place as scars, the ultimate game change happened there.

No matter what, there is always hope.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Does this election even matter?

The election in November is getting hyped and sold more than most products on the market.  To be honest, Obama is not as progressive/liberal/socialist as the right wing pundits portray him.  He is rather conservative actually.  His political compass is similar to George Herbert Walker Bush.  He is  right of center on a lot of issues, especially social issues, especially those concerning the LGBT community.

Mitt Romney actually did in Massachusetts almost every single thing Obama proposed on the federal level.  He flip flops so often, Heisenberg would have to do a special study on him.  Does anyone believe he would actually do anything different than the president who succeeded in taking out Osama Bin Ladin when it comes to foreign policy?

The other alternatives get worse.  Rick Santorum has the same doctrine for political compass as the Holy See, or maybe the College of Cardinals.  Rick Santorum is evidence that it was a mistake to restore diplomatic relations with the Vatican.  If he actually had more than a Seahawks winning the Super Bowl chance of actually gaining the Oval Office, he would turn the US over to Canon law (just like Sharia law, but out of the Vatican rather than from the Imams out of the Middle East).  That would include forcing Jewish people to wear yellow stars and women who owned property would be burned at the stake.  His mentality is stuck pre-1215 when that minor inconvenience known as the Magna Carta got signed ending Santorum's utopia.

Newt Gingrich, unless your memory fails to go back before 1994, is an obvious lolno.  He couldn't win a good deal with Clinton during his time as Speaker of the House.  What makes you think he would be able to not get the US fucked over by Russia and China?  Might have brains, but his inability to use discretion --- just no.

Ron Paul, a better choice maybe.  We won't see him in the White House.

Basically Romney or Obama?  Time to emigrate to the UK.