Saturday, March 10, 2012

For some reason I just don't want to do anything today

I just can't get up to play any of my MMOs, or get into a interesting political argument.

The political landscape is a total wasteland.  The most interesting thing people won't hear jack about is Pat Robertson advocating legalizing marijuana.  Most of the other political "news" is rehashed medieval tripe from retreads of the OCA/Christian Coalition or the latest way the financial institutions screw you over.  If we to write down a list of all the ways banks go out of their way to to screw over the working class, it would be longer than the Kama Sutra.

The Portland Trail Blazers actually won a game on the road.  In some ways, that may or may not be a good thing.  Lottery to rebuild for next year without a lockout and minus a few cement heads might be a good reason for the Blazers to tank the rest of the year.

I might spend the weekend getting bored, and trying to sleep.  Daylight savings time... 1 hour less to sleep.  Oh joy.  And winter has not gone away yet.  Going to work in the dark is still not my idea of a fun time.  People drive stupid on the roads in Portland.  Come on, 15 mph in a 35 mph road designed for 50 mph?

No wonder people spend the weekend getting drunk.  There is not much to hope for in sober land.  Some days I wonder what drugs the political class are taking because there is no way in hell they can say half the stuff they say without being drunk, stoned, high, spun, baked, (insert other adjective meaning opposite of sober).

George Carlin had it pretty spot on describing how the political system really works.  If you are part of the aristocratic class, opportunity is limitless.  If you are part of the working class, opportunity is something other people have, and NOT YOU.

Basically the more money you have, the more voice, opportunities for self advancement, recourse for things going wrong you have.  We do not have a democracy (democracy is is overrated by the way).  We have a republic, swiftly devolving into a fascist society.

Third world nation.

A few potentates controlling all the resources, and everyone else fighting over the table scraps the overlords deign to allow to drop.  That is the United States of America, 21st Century.  The so called conservatives (who are not conservative at all) are all about increasing American military presence in every corner of the world, while every street corner now has militarized police officers with all the social skills of SS concentration camp guards.  We have become what we fought against in the 1940s.  The USA is the 4th Reich.  Getting drunk is probably the best option for dealing with it.  Americans are just too sheep like to be able to do a real revolution like the French did in 1789.  The Tea party has become the 4th Reich version of the Brown shirts.  The Occupy movement has become part of the traffic report.

Peaceful change would be nice, but change won't happen (corporations hate change).  Peace won't happen either because militarized police forces want to use all that nifty hardware to crack skulls, break bones and generally compensate for their completely bullshit existence.

Yeah I'm very cynical about the USA.