Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Right wing myths and the reality they deny

Right wing believers tend to cling to dogmas that have  no basis in reality.  How about we list a few?

1)  Tax cuts produce jobs.   This myth is based on fallacious logic from a bad premise.  The bad premise is that the wealthy always re-invest in profit producing business in the US. 

That myth was busted with the inversions, socking money away in foreign banks, and in some cases, the person renouncing their connection to the USA.  Since these folks have demonstrated that their magic spreadsheets are more important than the nation of their birth, we need to compel them to pay their share so American resources benefit America, not China or the Cayman Islands.

2) Regulation kills jobs.  Same bad premise.  Regulation enforces standards that protect safety and prevent fraud.  It is possible to make profit without workers dying routinely .  You can make money without stealing from your customers.  You can make profit without cheating your workers of fair compensation.  All it requires is due diligence.

3)  The USA is meant to be a Christian nation.  You mean like every nation in Europe?  White people came to the USA to escape the tyranny of the Church.  Even the believers saw the Church as a tyrant to disallow material government powers.  At the time , denominations tended to burn each other at the stake for heresy.  At no time at our founding was there a Church of the USA, and that was intentional. Material government was meant to be governed by material based ethics.  A representative republic does not kowtow to the loud rants of would be potentates of the pulpit.  Christian ideals do not support liberty, but a tyrannical monarchy.  The founders of this nation intended the USA to be secular, allowing believers to worship within reasonable limits ( like no burning people at the stake). 

4)  Christians are under attack.  Let us look at the numbers.  Even in antichurch Portland, half of the people living there are Christian.  Atheists in government office are next to extinct. It would be easier to find a unicorn than to find evidence of anti Christian conspiracies having any effect in the US. Equality movements are carving into areas where Christian people had preferentially been treated.  Something tells me that is not the same as actual persecution, like white people fled from during the founding of the USA. And the Church was doing the persecution, and was not the victim thereby.

I will add more to this later.

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