Sunday, August 3, 2014

Space the final frontier, if Jesus permitted space travel

There is a vast movement in the creationist social circle to try to dissuade humanity from trying to get off this rock.  I wonder why that is.  Aliens all doomed to hell is not convincing to me.  Why would extraterrestrials be doomed to a hell designed for humans?  I doubt Worf was involved in humanity going out of their way to piss off God.  The Bible is silent on life outside of Earth.  The topic of the Bible is the reconciliation of humans to God.

I think there is a different motive behind trying to keep the human race chained to Earth.  The Rapture has little effect if humans are colonizing Mars.  The Eschatology of premillenialism falls apart if humanity can leave this rock.

It is a lot harder to enforce fear in a population that literally is reaching for the stars.  So  if religion cannot handle space travel, is that religion worth our mental space?

Ken Ham likes to pretend he has all the answers.  He doesn't.  He just disallows all questions that don't fit neatly into his predetermined cookie cutter.  His version of God is small, petty, vengeful, and obsessive about human sexuality.  Real gods are bigger than his.

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